Water Cooler Talk: Branded Water Bottles

Take your company to a new “on the go” dimension with branded water bottles or other drinkware. Think of the possibilities, a water bottle in the hands of clients and prospects as they visit their own clients, a sports bottle for tradeshows or promotional items for refreshing water, and on and on. The possibilities are endless. The fresh, innovative and durable ideal will go everywhere, leaving a lasting impression on all.

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Branded water bottles are the hip promotional item ideal for marketing campaigns, networking events, tradeshows, and group activity that leave an impression of a solid, healthy relationship. Custom Gear has a large selection of products including hard and soft water bottles, aluminum bottles, stainless steel, ceramic mugs and glassware that are ideal for any campaign.

Take your next group activity to the best event ever with a cooler full of customised water bottles. Your company name and logo will be forever appreciated with the sparkling fresh water. No member of the group will have to swelter and sweat as you’ll be revegetating the body with fresh H2O.

Think of the hot Australian sun and refreshing your customers and prospects whether walking in the door of the business, out on the road, or as promos at tradeshows. The recipients will have a new “take” on your company, offering a refreshing image that is sure to be remembered.

Promotional sports bottles are another great concept for promotional campaigns and allow your customers and prospects to fill the bottle with their favorite drink. Maybe not quite as handy as having a fresh H20 ready fto quench the thirst, but yet another great ideal for a promotional campaign.

You’ll see water bottles everywhere you go; but, you won’t see them with your company name and logo being proudly sported. Promotional water bottles are considered a quality promotional product and one that is effective in marketing a company. Brand awareness builds as people that like staying hydrated enjoy the refreshing and revegetating water bottles, and your company will be known for keeping their customers and prospects healthy. When the bottle is empty, you’ll likely discover many recipients reusing the bottle. At the least, recycling the bottle. All in all, the promotional item is one that is not only appreciated and effective, but one that is environmentally friendly. You meet your marketing goals of gaining brand awareness, reflect your company in a positive, healthy aura, and do something healthy for your recipients and the environment.

Custom Gear designers help companies to design their logo, or have their logo beautifully printed or engraved on promotional items. With water bottles, you can go bright and bold, or soft and neutral, sometimes even with sports bottles or glass bottles. There is no limit to the pizazz you can create. Be a thirst quencher and an attention grabber with promotional water bottles that are an affordable marketing campaign. We have a variety of sizes, styles and concepts for branded water bottles that are budget friendly. For more information on our selection, or for advice and help with your next campaign, please contact us at Custom Gear.

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