How To Tell Your Customers You Love Them

Over the years, handshakes and the thank you to special customers begin to develop into more. Loyalty creates love, leaving many business owners with a sense of how to show their gratitude to their customers. Typically, that love is best showed when the focus is on the customers. Something just for them.

Something Shared

Customers are the backbone of your success, and often, yours to theirs. Building customer relationships creates a sense of family and friendship in itself, and time in the business and away from the business are enjoyed equally when shared. There are many ways to show your customers you love them, creating more warmth and loyalty.

Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways are something cherished by nearly every customer and consumer, and something for any time of the year. Promotional giveaways can be a gift just for them, or a gift for all of them. The items can be given any time of the year, for any holiday or any occasion or reason. Promotional giveaways are for loyal customers, just as they are for building brand awareness and loyalty with new customers and consumers. Promotional giveaways are recognised as one of the most effective means of advertising. The majority of consumers keep promotional items they have received anywhere from one to four years. That’s a great way to build brand awareness among a new audience, as well as to stay close to loyal customers.

Offer a Giveaway

Consider the needs of your customers and think of a great giveaway item or items that they would love to receive. Make the giveaway even better with one grand prize and consolation prizes for everyone that entered the sweepstake but didn’t win the grand prize. To liven up the event a bit, have a barbecue for all your customers on the day of the drawing, building stronger relationships and loyalty.

Ask for Feedback

Customer surveys are appreciated by customers as you show that you care about the service they receive and are open to suggestions on how to improve the services and products you provide.

Recognise Them on Social Media

Let them know that you appreciate and care about them by positing a positive tweet on about something great about the customer. Whether it is simply saying how much you enjoyed their stop by the office or congratulating them on success. Your customers will know that they are thought of and appreciated.

There are many ways to tell your customers you love them. Consider your customers, your relationship and think of the different ways to express that love. Custom Gear selection of promotional products is a great way to show those favourite customers how much you care.