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Following is the life cycle which we follow at Custom Gear SMS HUB for every SMS Marketing campaign to make it successful on all grounds:

1. SMS Marketing Strategy: Custom Gear SMS HUB will use a customer centric model to identify how SMS can be used to close prospects, up-sell and cross-sell existing customers and acquire new customers.
We work on creating best suitable strategy which defines the clear objectives of the product and services. We include these keys points while developing strategy for SMS Marketing:

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • SMS Vision and Mission Statement
  • Retention Motivators
  • Content Groups
  • Content Sources
  • List Segmentation
  • SMS Schedule

2. SMS Marketing Set Up and Text Development: Custom Gear SMS HUB will configure the SMS system with an SMS Text, auto-responders and an SMS subscription form to place on your site. Custom Gear SMS HUB will also create a custom SMS Text based on the strategy previously devised and discussed with you.

3. Identifying the Subscriber base for SMS Campaign: Select from your subscriber base, the population that best suits your campaign. These subscribers will be targeted during the SMS Marketing Campaign.

4. SMS Broadcasting: Stage the campaign for broadcast. SMS broadcasting can be done in two different ways. Either they are sent immediately or you can specify the day and time of day that you want your message sent. When that time arrives, your promotion or advertisement will be sent to the cell phones of your targeted subscribers as a text message.

5. SMS Marketing Reports: Custom Gear SMS HUB reporting system provides you the reports which will be useful to make decisions for future campaigns. After an SMS Campaign, we create the reports and the summaries which give an overview of the campaign. These reports contain trends, patterns and metrics to closely check the campaign. This reports help in identifying the audience behavior and parameterize it into performance metrics.


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