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Promotional Wine Coolers

Imagine a beautiful dining area, there’s candles, roses, a violinist playing in the background. There is a man and a woman dressed impeccable. They are sitting at the table laughing and talking the night away. A waiter then comes over and asks if they would like something to drink. “A bottle of your finest wine!”, the man says. The waiter leaves but for a moment. He comes back with a beautiful silver wine cooler fill with ice and a bottle of vintage red wine. This is just one scenario where your company name and logo could be beautifully showcased engraved on a silver cooler. Custom Gear is stocked with a range of coolers, including single bottle coolers and travel coolers. There is an advanced carrying case complete with glasses that is perfect for a picnic and a single bottle cooler bag equipped with a handle. Our selection will ensure you have the right wine cooler for any important moment or promotional run. Promote your company with wine coolers from Custom Gear and be a part of someone’s memory.


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