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Promotional Vaccum Flask

Designed to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold, vacuum flasks lend themselves to many branding opportunities. With their metal surfaces etching or tagging can easily be accomplished and there is a great deal of room to brand. A 500ml vacuum flask with screw down lid and attached cup slipped inside a attractive carrier is a gift worth considering as a promotional item. With the handy carrier that includes an attached carry strap the vacuum flask takes on an elegance and style not usually seen in vacuum flasks. Certainly a promotional gift that you can present with pride to corporate executives, CEO's and the client in the medical or legal professions. Business clients who travel appreciate having hot coffee or tea at hand in their vehicle cup holder, tucked in a briefcase or small enough to fit in a handbag. A very nice gift for overseas clients a vacuum flask is a perfect place to show off your business. Consider a complete branding opportunity with your business name and logo, address of your business location, office land line number, your mobile phone number and your web site address. Or be discrete with just a simple logo. Any or all of these can be etched onto a vacuum flask.


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