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Promotional USB

Promotional USB ideas can start with a flash drive, etched with your logo, and move on to so many items you are spoilt for choice. USB's are a great electronic gift that your clients and contacts appreciate each time one is used. USB's can be tucked into wristband that are indented with your logo or website, and worn by the recipient keeping your logo close at hand, where your logo is front and center. USB's can be given as a mug warmer that keeps their drink hot and has your name branded on it. The USB is a category of promotional items that gives so many options for branding. A business card case that is branded with your logo and contains space for business cards, a pen and a USB is a great gift for the suit and tie businessperson. A pen with an integrated USB is a promotional gift idea that your clients appreciate and use on a daily basis. From the traditional one item flash drive to music centers, mouse USB's and almost anything you can think of, the USB is a promotional gift that can take your name wherever the client is and whenever they use the USB.  



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