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Promotional Tote Bags

Who isn’t busy? The world is hectic and life is fast paced. As busy people, we need something to hold our items when we are on the go. Sound like half you? Half your staff? Or, perhaps half your client list? Nearly everyone fits this description; therefore, nearly everyone could use a handy tote bag. Custom Gear offers tote bags in many sizes and with many features, so you can pick the one that is right for you! Strap it over your shoulder and you have a convenient form of transportation for all your necessary “must take along” items. Tote bags are a favorite for convention attendants and customers who visit your stores frequently. Your logo will be displayed for everyone to see. What better publicity? Our tote bags come in a wide variety of colours and are very spacious and the construction is pure quality, so you can hold all of your important items. Consider a zippered style as a promotional gift to your best loyal customers, or one of our many other styles that will not only advertise for you, but show your appreciation and pride. Carry your customer’s loyalty with Custom Gear tote bags.



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