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Promotional Torches

Your customers are sure to thank you when they grab for a torch during a dark and dreary event and your company is right there at the rescue! Promotional torches from Custom Gear make great gifts to all types of clientele. Used for weekend camping, in the car emergency kit, in the office and home, torches are something that no individual can do without. Custom Gear offers a wide range of torches, including our Coleman CPX6 folding LED spotlight, our Swiss peak aluminium torch, our compact pump dynamo torch and more. For swag bag promotions or giveaways at the next company event, consider our powerful 0.5 watt aluminium toro attached to a keyring, making sure your customer has the light they need at all times. What better way to show your gratitude than with your company name, logo and phone number handsomely imprinted on a quality torch available at Custom Gear.



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