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Promotional Ties

Professionalism is everything in the world of business, and your attire needs to be professional. Even those not in the business world have the occasion when they have to kick off the jeans and t-shirt and step into something a bit more formal. Custom Gear offers a wide selection of ties that are even more attractive with your business name and logo proudly stitched into the tie. Whether your taste fun and funky, or sophisticated and stylish, we have something for you. Imagine every one of your salesmen displaying your company logo will meeting client, guiding negotiations in a business deal and promoting your company to everyone they meet. Our selection of ties includes a five pack of ties for every day of the week and a luxury tie and cufflink set for more upscale occasions. Your employees will make your company look well respected. Our ties are also great to give out at conventions and at tradeshows to anyone who visits your booth. They be wearing your company name around their neck! That’s closer than any commercial can get you! Ties are a great gift for any reason! Represent your company today with a customised tie.


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