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Promotional Swim Shorts

Whether you are a sports swim team or in the pool business, merchandise your fans or customers can wear is important. Whether stocking inventory, or ordering to have something for your fans or loyal clients, Custom Gear is the place as we have swim shorts that will look great on your people. Whether it is the beach or the pool, they will be gliding through the water with style! You can imprint your logo on these swim shorts and show all your rivals who has the best team! These shorts also make a great raffle gift at conferences or events. Strangers will have your company’s name on their bodies when they go to a pool or a beach. Suddenly, you have walking advertising! Our selection of swim shorts includes haven shorts, pipeline shorts, terrain shorts, terrain shorts, frenzy shorts, and much more! At Custom Gear you are guaranteed style and selection, so look around, there’s something here for everyone!


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