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Promotional Sunscreen

A superb tool for the hospitality industry, your golf and beach enthusiastic clientele, or your special customers, our range of sunscreen products have plenty of space to add a personalised look. Imprint your name, logo and contact details for a personal touch to your customer services. Your clients are sure to welcome the thoughtful addition of sun protection, which add be a unique dimension to a complementary skin care package at all types of accommodation. Gyms, spas and beauty treatments centres also find sunscreen a valuable addition to their customer care responsibilities. Tailor your selection to the climate where you live with either an everyday option or something stronger. We offer various sizes, from 10ml. sample sachets and miniature bottles all the way up to larger ones, too. Sunscreen is a commonly forgotten and essential component of any trip so your specially designed version will not only attract attention but also create a positive impression when the recipient finds all their needs catered to.     


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