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Promotional Speakers

Music is life. It surrounds us, invigorates us, it expresses our being and our emotions, and our state of mind. This is why the speaker industry is so successful. It delivers thousands of hours of music to our ears and are used everywhere we go. In the home, the office, the car, the shopping mall, etc. When you use speakers from Custom Gear to promote your music event or your company, you will be sharing the gift of music with the whole world! We have a good variety of mp3 speakers so you can select the best one that is right for your event or for your customers. We have mini cube speakers, egg shaped mini speakers, round speaker that have a base to stand up your mp3 player, and a quadrate speaker for extra loudness. Your logo or event name will be engraved so it can be shown to anyone who is listening to music. If you use speakers to promote your company, you’ll be the life of the party whenever you go!


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