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Promotional Note Pads

Notepads are an everyday use item, used for shopping lists, to jot down directions, phone numbers and addresses, at school for assignments and in the office. When imprinted with your logo, your company name will go places you never imagined and stay on the minds of your clientele. Custom Gear offers options to suit even the most discerning client base. For students the binder or loose notepad is pulled out in classes on a daily basis, used for math computation, revisions, note taking and anything else the student can think of. Recycled Paper Notebooks and Notepads are popular with everyone, but especially with the Eco friendly. Sticky note pads are used by everyone from primary school to care homes. Printing a notepad with your logo is a great way to draw attention to your business and be sure the item is front and center in your client office, shop or small business. Large or small, the notepad has legs and durability.



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