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Promotional Note Holders

Note holders come in all shapes, sizes and styles from the futuristic to the traditional. Easily branded with your company name, logo, web address and phone number, they are the all-around good promotional item. Small and functional, able to hold one note or many, note holders are a popular item on desks, counters, near the register and around the home. Magnetic Note Holder clips that attach to a refrigerator door can be as useful in the break room as they are at home. A pocket note holder can slip easily into a pocket, handbag, computer case or backpack making it a flexible promotional item. Give your client the world with an earth shaped sphere that holds a note with an alligator clip. The Ugo memo clip holder is a popular choice that can be branded with your logo. For the client on the go a clip on memo holder and pen attached to the car visor is a promotional item that is seen with each commute. Note holders are a value for the money promotional item that your client uses often, giving your gift constant exposure.



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