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Promotional Mobile Phone Accessories

There’s no doubt we use our mobile phones often, so can you imagine the exposure your company can receive each time your clients reach for their phone for the time or a call or even to snap a quick photo. Mobile phone accessories make thoughtful, up to date and fun promotional items. Headphones, ear buds, and mobile phone pens are great ideas to get your promotion up and running with items the receiver is happy to have. For the mobile phone user on the go, or the one who seems to forget where their phone is often, a mobile sox-neck strap is the perfect item. With a convenient clip to keep the phone attached the mobile sox-neck strap the phone stays right where the user needs it, at their fingertips and close to the ears. A portable solar charger is a great gift for charging on the go. The built in batteries allow the user to recharge the battery any time of the day or night or even in the dark. The charger has a four LED torch for easy location and the various connection cables charge all of the most popular mobile phones, making the portable solar charger a thoughtful promotional item.



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