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Promotional Metal Pens

At home or in the office, tucked in a handbag, stashed in a brief case, tossed in a book bag and lounging in a pencil and pen cup, metal pens are popular, well used and a welcomed gift for anyone on a promotional gift list. From upscale sleek modern designs to the casual, metal pens come in all colours, styles and sizes. From the traditional lines of the Kent or London to the Dominica, a pocket sized retractable ballpoint pen with its soft grip and carabiner key chain. For an executive gift the Sienna metal pen set with rollerball and ballpoint pens in an aluminium and faux leather case. For the reader, teacher or other professional who deals with books, films or the entertainment industry, a Charles Dickens pen set consisting of a metal ball pen and a rollerball with a pearl design on the barrel could be the perfect gift for the discerning client in its deluxe presentation case. Light pens, which light up in the dark are a great gift idea for your client or business contact to jot a note in the car or taxi with ease and will thank you for it. When considering promotional metal pens, the wide range of different types, styles and uses presents enough options to suit any gift giving need.



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