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Promotional Hanes

There are names in the business world, and there are NAMES. Hanes is one of those NAMES! The company has built such a strong reputation of a brand that represents qualities and longevity. Hanes is a name that is admired. When you turn to Hanes as your brand of choice, you know your items will be quality items, made of quality materials and workmanship. The brand offers style and comfort. Aside from their name being carted, at Custom Gear, you can have your company name, logo and phone number imprinted or stitched in their line of clothing; making great promotional items and gifts for your customers. Our line of products include everything the boss could ask for. Great for conferences, staff attire, events and everything in between, Hanes promotional clothing is a brand that won’t disappoint you. A brand that has please people worldwide and continues to do so in the business world, making Hanes at Custom Gear a great choice in promotional items.



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