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Promotional Custom Shorts

While summer is a great time for holiday, there’s few of us that can take the entire summer off. But, that doesn’t mean work has to get you down. Custom Gear offers a range of custom shorts great for company uniform that is stylish and comfortable and most of all cool! With our selection of custom shorts, drab and boring is out, and stylish and fun (without giving up professionalism, of course!) is in! We offer stylish shorts that can boldly sport your company name and logo like our Sprint shorts, which is just one of our styles. Outfit the entire office in uniform, stylish, custom shorts from Custom Gear and see the difference in morale. Not to mention, your customers will take notice as there is something pleasant about being dressed for season, especially in business as a human side is important! Contact Custom Gear for custom shorts for you and / or your crew.


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