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Promotional Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are the great go everywhere promotional item that will work for all types of clients. Custom Gear imprints cooler bags with your logo, business name, website address and your telephone number, making them a great way to advertise your business or organisation. The bags come in almost any colour, size and shape imaginable and have a variety of uses. Picnic bags for picnics that keep the food cool are great for Sunday getaways or a group outings. Large or small picnic cooler bags carry food, plates, cups and utensils. Some are even equipped to keep the wine at the perfect temperature for serving. Imagine your business name at the beach, in the stadium, at the shopping mall, on the golf range, and everywhere else your clients go! Cooler bags are great for a day trip for a family or as the chill and pack cooler for a daily lunch bag. Custom Gear can help you select the perfect cooler bag to give as a promotional gift that suits all your clients. From executives, barristers and CEO's to auto shops, sheep stations and ski slopes, the cooler bag is always within reach and ready to carry your business logo around the nation and the world.



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