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Promotional Coasters

Round coasters, square coaster, coasters that match mouse pads and coasters that protect furniture from bottles, coasters, coasters, coasters, in any shape, size or style you choose at Custom Gear! The traditional round bar coaster, printed on two sides would look great with your logo on one side and business or website location on the other. For the computer and IT crowd 2 coasters with a match mouse pad makes a thoughtful promotional gift. Branded with a photo of a travel destination the travel industry is a great place for coasters. At the fate' or school show a coaster imprinted with an educational supply business is a great promotional gift. Coaster from metal fabrication and etched with you logo, clients business name, website address or other information is a good upscale looking gift and usually come in presentation boxes. A nice idea for a business opening, corporate office or other client contacts where making an impression is critical. The traditional leather coasters or leather coaster sets are welcomed in traditional conservative office situations or offices suites decorated in traditional decor. There are so many opportunities to use and give coasters in business situations and at Custom Gear we can help you get your logo out there with coasters.



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