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Promotional Car Mugs

On the go advertising is always top of its class with car mugs imprinted with your company logo from Custom Gear. Car mugs are a must have for many individuals, making them a great choice in a promotional item for customers. Enjoy our choice of custom mugs like our thermal car mugs that keep the clients drink at the temperature they prefer; our ceramic car mugs look stylish and modern giving the car mug a sleek fashionable look. A thumb press tumbler car mug can make it easy for your client to open the drink while providing safety; a car mug that has a handle is great for the passenger, or for the Eco friendly client a car mug made of recycled products will certainly gain attention and show your thoughtfulness. Personalized with your business name, personal name or the client's name, car mugs are a promotional gift that can be counted on to be used in the vehicle, on a desk at the office or on a weekend outing, ensuring your gift is working for you.


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