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Promotional Candles

A sweet and soothing way to pamper your clients, Custom Gear have an extensive collection of candles and candle accessories of alls shapes and sizes. Scented and fragranced varieties come in a wide selection of shapes and colours. Print your name and logo on a stainless steel tinned candle for a smart and personal relaxation aid. Available in round and heart-shaped tins, they're a sleek and shiny gift package with an understated charm. Elsewhere, choose from miniature tinned travel candles or diminutive votive candles, your design adorning their glass holder. Our candle and incense gift box is a superbly designed and luxurious choice, with colour coordinated tea lights and accessories. Plus, a pair of metal candle holders or a classy aluminium snuffer are equally unique opportunities to complete the piece. These recreational homeware items are a particularly thoughtful way of representing your business to your customer base.


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