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Promotional Business Shirts

The attire of the business man and woman is endless. A tailored suit, a pair of shiny leather shoes that only the best polish is used, warm socks with class and elegance to ensure your feet are cushioned, and a handsome and stylish haircut or hair do. Wait! There’s one more piece of attire on the list. That ever so attractive, professional looking business shirt to give you, as a business person your finishing touch! Men and woman alike represent your company in style with our business shirt selection. Don’t fool around. Business shirts at Custom Gear are first class. Our styles of shirts come in long sleeves and half sleeves and we carry an array of colours- blue, gray, white, black red, and many more, so yourself, or your employees and customers some variety. The quality gets even greater with your company name and logo stitched into the clothing, taking your promotional efforts to a level of its own.



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