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Promotional Budget Pens

For large volume promotional distributions, budget pens are the perfect pick. Budget pens not only come in handy for your clientele, they make an economically wise choice in promotional items great for large events, conferences, to promote sports or art conventions, etc., reaching the hands of your clients and potential clients while showing just who you are. The Martinique ballpoint pen with its plastic barrel click action comes with either blue or black ink, has a metal pocket clip and, for those who write a lot the soft grip feature eases finger soreness while preventing hand and wrist fatigue. The Trick 3-in-one promotional pen includes both red and black ballpoint pen and pencil with an erasure tucked neatly under the cap. Custom Gear even offers pens for your Eco minded like our wide barrel paper pen made from brown paper with the clip and nib constructed from maize. Both good value and good promotional items, budget pens at Custom Gear are bound to stay in the hands of your clients with your name being thought of often.



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