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Promotional Bic Pens

Known for good value, workmanship and design, Bic pens make a great industry leader to promote your company name, logo and phone number. The Bic Biro customized and branded with your logo is a pen style that is easy to use, well recognized and reliable. Used around the world, the Bic Biro is an always welcomed promotional item and comes in assorted colours, ink colours and is retractable with a click top and a plastic pocket clip. The pen is one that is sure to please clients, business contacts, the youth market or event coordinators consider giving the Bic Clic as a value minded promotional item. The Bic Wide Body is constructed a bit larger than the average Bic and includes a clear custom grip to prevent hand and finger fatigue. Attractive and available in a wide variety of colours the Bic Wide Body is a comfortable and well received promotional item. The Bic Esteem Pen is a more upscale looking traditional pen that fits well in an office, university classroom or even a sport event. Available in silver or black finish with gold accents this is an attractive pen that shows style. Bic Pens from Custom Gear are great gear for impressive promotions.



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