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Promotional Beverages Accessories

Promotional items featuring beverage accessories are a hit with clients in all businesses. From bottle openers to coasters, corkscrews to wine bottle holders, beverage accessories are a great way to promote your business brand with your logo, website address, and business name or personalise for your clients. For a corporate executive, gifts of wine accessories are well received. They can range from a simple corkscrew inscribed with your logo or their name, to a wine kit with bottle holder, wine glasses and a multi-tool for opening anything from champagne to Merlot. Consider a gift of specialised beer glasses for the beer connoisseur or aficionado. Specialised glasses for stout or a beer stein make a most welcomed gift. A decanter with matching glasses is a great housewarming gift for a client who has purchased a new home or is moving from the country to the city. For the non-alcohol drinkers there are many promotional gifts available in beverage accessories. Consider bottle openers, coasters, coffee or tea mugs or coffee or tea full service sets. There are so many choices of beverage promotional items you are sure to find the item that suits your business style, client and budget.


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